Even though humans have a 100% mortality rate, less than 30% of us make any end-of-life plans. What will get adults to discuss and plan for their eventual demise? Put some “fun” in funeral planning to get people to discuss this serious topic.

The inaugural “Before I Die” ABQ festival will take place over six days from Friday, October 20, 2017 to Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at multiple locations and venues around Albuquerque, New Mexico. The festival offers multiple upbeat activities for people to openly think about, talk about and do something about our mortality.

Events include movies, an art show, panel discussions, Death Café conversations, field trips to cemeteries, funeral homes and haunted buildings, a yoga class, and parties. Check out the schedule of events here

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The inaugural Before I Die ABQ Festival Multiple upbeat activities prompt thinking about, talking about and doing something about our mortality Events include movies, an

Before I Die ABQ Festival – “What You Need to Know Before You Go”: Panel discussion/Q&A with local funeral directors Get your questions answered without having

Before I Die ABQ Festival – “From Child Pose to Corpse Pose: Life, Death, Yoga and Spirituality”: Gentle yoga In partnership with Osher UNM Continuing Education

Before I Die ABQ Festival – Tour of historic Fairview Cemetery: Historian Susan Schwartz provides insights on the famous and infamous residents of this section,

Before I Die ABQ Festival – “Making Plans to Live Well Until We Die”: Panel discussion with medical and end-of-life experts In partnership with Osher UNM

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